Kraft Massage

Are you ready to restore your body? To release nagging tension in your neck and shoulders? To say goodbye to that hip and low back pain? To create balance and re-energize your body? Then you have come to the right place.  Kraft Massage Therapy offers a unique blend of deep tissue massage, ashiatsu, sports massage, and gua sha (muscle scraping)  techniques to decrease pain, increase range of motion, create balance and promote general wellness in the body.

Each session is specifically tailored to fit the needs of the client.

Call 610-574-2801 to schedule your appointment.


1 Hour Session - $125

75 Minute Session - $140

1 ½ Hour Session - $155


“Commit to Wellness” Packages


3 One Hour Sessions / 6 Weeks - $345

6 One Hour Sessions / 12 Weeks - $660

12 Sessions / 12 Months - $1260



About the therapist:

As a student athlete and a graduate of Shippensburg University with biology and medical technology degrees Amie had always had an interest in anatomy and the wonders and intricacies of how the body functions. A season ending injury and knee surgery peeked her interest in the recovery and rehabilitation process.

In 1997, she left the pharmaceutical industry to pursue a career in the Massage Therapy field.  Shortly after graduation she accepted a position with Mercury, a professional cycling team, traveling nationally and internationally provide massage to a team of 12 riders.  After a 4 year stint on the road, Amie returned to the area began working with a local chiropractor and began building a business of her own.  Kraft Massage Therapy was born.

In 2002, Amie had the opportunity to work with some players from the Philadelphia Eagles and was eventually hired as an independent contractor for them. Focusing on her own practice and family she left in 2007 and was recently brought back on staff working with the team during training camp and the season.