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Plant the seed of fitness and call today and set up your free consultation to get started in a completely private studio setting.  We offer a wide array of classes and customized programs to meet your fitness goals!



Fully equipped with top-of-the-line Peak Pilates equipment; includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/ Pole, Chair, Spine Corrector, and Barrel. Choose from private, semi-private (two people), and trio (three people) lesson options. We also offer:


• Group Mat

• Mat with props

• Mat using exercise ball

• Reformer on the Mat


Personal Training

Top commercial equipment including treadmill, bike, elliptical trainers, machines, free weights and much more!



Based on high intensity interval training (HIIT), TABATA BOOTCAMP is an 8 week training program for individuals or groups that use the 20-10 training protocol.  This method of training works the entire body incorporating 20 second bursts of energy followed by 10 second rest periods. We use Multi-joint functional movement that works the upper body, lower body and core.  In turn, developing muscular strength/endurance and increasing cardiovascular endurance.  This training method  (if done 2-4 times a week) results in weight loss, high caloric expenditure, and best of all, a post metabolic boost! It is time to get maximum results in minimal time.  TABATA BOOTCAMP is tailored to people of all fitness levels.  We also offer web support with this program.


Core Barre

CORE BARRE™ promotes high energy, low impact, and fat burning exercises based on elements of pilates, ballet and athletic conditioning. These exercises combined create an awareness and appreciation for beautiful, mindful and Smart Movement.


CORE BARRE™ follows current concepts of stabilization to create effective and safe movement where body strength and awareness are increased as well as joint flexibility, proper posture, stability and form. Participating in CORE BARRE™ creates focus, precision, and strength not only in the physical realm but in context of general wellness and daily living.


See and feel results within just a few classes!


The Session


A CORE BARRE™ class is 55 minutes in length in an energetic group setting. The class starts in the center where we incorporate light weights and some simple movements to increase the heart rate, warm up the muscles and bring mobility to the spine.


The Ballet Barre work focuses on very isolated movements that target the thighs and the seat. These exercises are easy to learn and are also designed to improve coordination, strength and balance. Abdominal work follows that challenges the muscles of the upper and lower abdominals, in both supine and side lying positions, while promoting stability in the pelvis and lumbo pelvic hip complex. Prone extension exercises promote strengthening the muscles of the mid and lower back while engaging and lengthening the abdominals. The use of proper breath, cueing and modifications are given to promote effective and safe exercise.


Focused stretching encourages flexibility, range of motion and a sense of well being. Done on its own or in conjunction with other types of fitness, CORE BARRE™ will produce excellent results.


Customized Workouts:

Private, semi-private, trios and small group personal training classes for 4-5 people. Functional training programs - very popular with clients, featuring the exercise ball, medicine ball, Bosu, TRX, Kettlebells, cables and free weights.


• 12 week challenge - for those who need a push mentally and physically.

• Boot camp - our most requested program.

• TRX/Functional training - the latest and greatest!

• Sport specific training - for kids and adults looking to improve sport performance.

• Circuit training - tackles muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance


• Customized workouts and group workouts - made just for you!

• Small group personal training classes - 3-5 people having fun, fun, fun!

• Cardiovascular training/circuits - bored of cardio training? Try this!

• HIIT (high intensity interval training/cardio respiratory training) - step it up a notch.



• Weight training/cardio combo programs - kill two birds with one stone!

• Medicine ball programs - who would have thought you'd get such a great workout?

• Teen fitness programs - guaranteed not be a WII video game!

• Programs for older adults - keep the body moving and happy.

• Chair workouts - who ever said that you have to stand to get a great workout?

• Exercise ball/props total body - using props can make fitness fun and interesting!

• Body bar workouts - pump it up!

• Flexibility programs - it feels good to be flexible!

• Weight loss programs - the healthy way to drop pounds.